I'm Angela, a wedding and branding photographer based in Deland, Florida, just 40 minutes north of Orlando. Having lived in Florida my whole life, I can't imagine being more than 30 minutes away from the ocean.

Photography has been a lifelong love of mine. Growing up, I dreamed of creating elaborate and unique fashion editorial shoots (thanks, ANTM). Though I was discouraged from choosing photography as a legitimate career path, it remained a passion. Instead, I pursued teaching and found immense joy in the classroom. However, after experiencing multiple instances of gun violence in schools, I made the difficult decision to leave teaching.

Transitioning to photography full-time has allowed me to combine my creative talents with my love for helping others. My goal is to transport you back to your wedding day every time you open your wedding album. I want you to feel the joy, laughter, and raw emotion you felt on that day for the rest of your life. For weddings, my favorite moments are the little ones throughout the day—the shared glances, the quiet laughter, the genuine emotions. There's something magical about being there for these moments and then watching couples see their images for the first time at their reveal session. The excitement and tears of joy are what make this job so rewarding. 

I still love all things creative and editorial and remain passionate about advocacy and lifting others. Brand photography allows me to empower women- and minority-owned businesses with photos that speak to their ideal clients. When it comes to branding, I absolutely love the challenge of researching and creating a strategy for the images we create on session day. Each session is unique, tailored to highlight what makes your brand special. The fun we have during the session and the thrill of bringing a brand's story to life are what keep me passionate about this work. Inclusivity and diversity are at the heart of my business. 

Photography wasn't always my planned career path, but it has become my calling. I dream of merging my love for education and photography by hosting community events and workshops for others passionate about this field. Empowering others through teaching and creative expression is a goal I hold dear.

When I'm not capturing love stories or crafting visual narratives for brands, you'll likely find me enjoying a couch co-op with my husband, wrangling my little one, or with my face buried in a book. 

Wedding & Branding photographer based in Central Florida

Angela Lucht

Favorite Things


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Water & Iced White chocolate mocha
Sea lions
Baldur's Gate 3, Skyrim
Anything by Brandon Sanderson
Venice, Italy





At ALP, inclusivity isn't just a buzzword – it's the cornerstone of everything I do. I believe in creating a space where every individual, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or background, feels seen, heard, and valued. My inclusive approach to storytelling celebrates the beauty of differences and strives to ensure that everyone feels welcome and represented. I truly believe in fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance for all.


Collaboration is at the heart of the creative process  at Angela Lucht Photography. The best results are achieved when we work together, pooling our talents, ideas, and expertise to bring your visions to life. Whether it's brainstorming concepts, coordinating logistics, or fine-tuning the final details, I thrive on the energy and synergy that comes from collaborating with clients, colleagues, and community partners. Together, we're not just creating images – we're crafting stories, building relationships, and creating legacies.


Authenticity is the heart of my approach to wedding and personal branding photography. I understand that every moment tells a story – whether it's the whispered vows exchanged between newlyweds or the subtle nuances that define a brand's identity. That's why I'm committed to capturing the genuine emotions, connections, and narratives that make each wedding and branding session unique. My passion for storytelling goes beyond the surface, delving deep into the heart of each story to create images that are not just visually stunning, but emotionally resonant. In a world saturated with staged perfection, I celebrate the beauty of imperfection, embracing the raw, unfiltered moments that make each story truly unforgettable.


Passion is always at the top of descriptors when asked to describe myself. If I'm not passionate about what I'm doing, it's not worth doing.  I'm not just a passionate photographer – I'm a storyteller, strategist, and advocate. I thrive on lifting others and helping them find joy in their lives. I approach every project with enthusiasm, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, infusing my work with the energy and excitement that comes from doing what I love.