Overcome the boring imagery that keeps you stuck

You're tired of not connecting with your people. You're ready for dreamy clients that trust you and are EXCITED about what you have to offer. 

YOU are the face of your brand. Your clients need to see your face and personality to trust you and what you're selling. 

Are you ready to feel more confident in what you do, show off your services in a way that truly represent you AND connect with people who truly value what you you do?

I'm Ready!

Why is branding Photography Good For Your business?

  • Brings visibility to your brand
  • Fixes the eternal battle of what to post
  • Confidence in yourself & your business
  • Show off you personality, leaving your brand feeling more human
  • Increases engagement
  • Converts more people into clients

It's my passion to help you show off your brand so that you can focus on the rest

As a small business owner you wear too many hats. You need to focus on day-to-day operations but marketing and content creation is a beast that's always demanding more. Coming up with content on the fly isn't working anymore and you're sick of doing it all yourself. 

You need Photos to help you stand out and find your people

  • use content made specifically for your business. 
  • stop using stock images meant for someone else.
  •  have cohesive photos that reflect your brand values.
  • ditch the random headshots from 4 years ago.

need the full package?

The Founder Session

For the business owner or creative looking to build a full library of content based on business goals for the next 3-6 months. A complete gallery of images that tell the story of your brand, including a selection of headshots, lifestyle portraits, process photos, and branded stock images that can be used all across the business from client documents to marketing materials. 
 Full and half day sessions available depending on your needs.

Want to Dip your toes in?

The Creator Session

For brand owners looking to take things to the next level. This collection allows us to tell the story of you and your brand. Includes a mixture of headshots, lifestyle, and process portraits. Great if you're looking to enhance your website or social media presence, but may not have a major offering nailed down yet. Includes a pre-session consult call to strategize for your session. 

Want just the basics?

Business Mini-Sessions

Offered twice a year in the winter and summer, a great way for small business owners to get a feel for a full-branding session while getting updated headshots and lifestyle imagery to use on their website and social media channels. These quick 20-minute sessions are still personalized to get imagery that helps you stand out. 
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Let's get Started

You're Ready To:

First fill out the inquiry form, and we'll set up time for a quick chat. Let's get to know each other and make sure we're a good fit. This is when you can ask any questions about the process.

The Process

Let's Chat

We're officially official once the contract is signed and retainer paid. I recommend booking 1-2 months before you want to schedule your session so we have plenty of time to strategize and plan for your session.

Get Booked

The Process

I'll send you a questionnaire and start a deep dive into your website and social media. Based on my research and your business goals,  I'll create custom storylines that allow us to tell the story of your brand and create imagery that works for your business.

Plan It Out

The Process

About 2 weeks before your session, we'll set a plan to chat  for your pre-session consult. This is where we'll go over the storylines I've come up with, discuss wardrobe, props, and next steps to make sure you're prepared for session day.

Pre-Session Consult

The Process

Don't stress! The first 15 minutes are always awkward as we warm up and get to know each other. We'll play music ,chat about your business and your favorite things, and have tons of fun while capturing images that will help level up your brand.

Session Day

The Process

Your gallery will be delivered within 2-3 weeks after your session date, with some sneaks being sent around 48 hours after your session. I also include a mock-up of your instagram feed so you can start to envision how you can plan to use your images. 

Gallery Delivery

The Process